5 Hot Summer Hair Tips! Ideas to protect and nourish your tresses all summer long

Is exposure to the summer elements wreaking havoc on your brand new color and beautiful locks? I can help! Below I share many tips and tricks that will help you care for your hair as the weather heats up.

1. Prolong your lovely new color by always using a color safe or sulfate free shampoo and rinsing with cool water. Consider washing your hair only 3-4 times a week. The use of a dry shampoo can be beneficial by refreshing your style and adding fullness by absorbing any oils at the root area. I recommend Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo. It goes on clear and has a clean, pleasant scent.

2. There is no way to sugar coat it, chlorine is the devil! Well, as far as it pertains to your hair anyway. For brunettes and redheads it can quickly fade your color and blondes are often left with a build up that can cause an ugly, greenish tinge. If not getting you hair wet or the use of a bathing cap is impractical, consider applying a conditioner to your hair as a barrier to minimize the effects of the chlorine. Be sure to shampoo or rinse your hair as soon as possible after swimming, to prevent build up.

3. The sun's rays can be as damaging to your hair as it is to your skin. The use of a leave-in UV protectant spray or conditioner can dramatically help protect your hair from the sun and from the use of hot tools. Arrojo Protective Thickening Lotion is a great product to give you that extra layer of protection from both compromising

UV rays and humidity.

4. Use the summer heat to your advantage! Give yourself a deep conditioning heat treatment by applying a conditioning mask to your clean, damp hair and leave it in when you head to the beach! Slick it back into a pony tail or tuck it up into your favorite hat and you're good to go! A color refreshing gloss or conditioner can help to revive your dull tresses, and can be safely done in between regular color services.

5. Consider alternate styles to beat the heat during the summer. A cute french braid, a sophisticated chignon or an air-dried look can keep you cool this season while retaining the health and integrity of your hair. If you find it necessary to use hot tools, please turn down the heat and always, always use the blow dryer nozzle for a smoother, less frizzy look.

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